Welcome to Axing!

If you see this page, the Axing web services are successfully installed and working. Just type https:// instead of http:// on yours browser's web address bar before the requested axing service name.

... Or just select from this weblinks:

For online documentation, siteseeing and self-support please refer to www.axing.hu.
submeters support is available at almero.axing.hu.
transparent bidding server is available at trabi.axing.hu.
axing-20 server is available at axing20.axing.hu.
tao calculator & network sales support is available at axko2020.axing.hu.
AxinGit server is available at git.axing.hu.
workflow server is available at workflow.axing.hu.
fileserver is available at seafile.axing.hu.
monitoring dashbords server is available at monitoring.axing.hu.
controlling support is available at axko2020.axing.hu.
authentication server is available at auth.axing.hu.

Thank you for using Axing.